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Thermo Lovin!!!!

Wow…. Where have i been??? Its been cold and wet and altogether uninspiring to be truthful.. But a new love has entered my life and it sees a new beginning!!

My new venture for 2011 (serious venture!!) is joining the amazing Thermomix team in Dunsborough. I am so thrilled that i think i have found the exact type of work i have been looking for.  2 days of training coming up and i’m away.

Of course ive been putting my new Thermo through its paces at home for over a month now and let me tell you there is only one reason im joining that company… cos its bloody AMAZING!!! I now have full control over what goes into all my food.. No more pre-prepared preservative filled rubbish for me!!!

So im sharing a few snaps of my morning at home with Harper (who is also lovin the new thermo)..

And amongst other things we also made our own butter this morning in around 2 mins…. JOY!!!!

Oatmeal & Currant Bickies…. x

Can you smell them yet??

X Queen Bee & the mini fish x


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