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Knee Deep In Love..

Ok so im getting there!! 3 left in the top 5.  drum roll please…


This little unassuming place has completely won the hearts of this Dunsborough tribe. Another magical combination that most will agree is hard to find.

Its one thing to get the wine right and another to come up with some stunning food… But you know you are onto something when you find a place that has it all going on and doing it soooooooo much better than anyone else!! These guys have got an act… And we just cant get enough.

Every time we wander in, we just feel so comfy and warm and happy.. and very rosy when we walk out!!!

pssst…. the reserve cab sav is to die for!! It just lays in your mouth like a warm wind and ruffles you up like your’e  on a first date.. and the food.. well….

enjoy these pics…

x QueenBee


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