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1 week …… 7 days… so whos with me??

I think goal setting has got to be my new thing, so here goes….

Im thinking each day, for seven days a new challenge.. ??  Its only a week right?

Do your best for each day and stay true.. each 24hrs the challenge resets a new goal..

Heres how the week will run..

Day 1…..   drink 3 litres of water.

Day 2….   go to bed 1 hour earlier than your normal sleep time.

Day 3….   focus on breathing. Take at least 3 x 10 min sessions where you sit and do nothing but focus on your breathing. Take longer if you can.

Day 4….   dairy free, wheat free, sugar free day.. Fill your smile full of colourful fresh vegetables, fruit and lean protein ( fish, chicken or eggs).

Day 5….   caffeine free day.. drink loads of water and start your day with a fresh juice..    Lemon , parsley and mint is a good one!

Day 6….  learn 3 new yoga stretches.. and practice them when you can throughout the day… try youtube “tarastiles” ,over 300 short yoga tutorials to get you                                            inspired.

Day 7….  Pick 3 of the above and make your last day count!!! Will look forward to hearing which 3 you all choose.


Start whenever you like.. choose a day to start that will help you to succeed for the week! And leave me some comments along the way.

Good Luck..

and thanks for having some fun with me..

x Queenbee


one of my morning juice ups...







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Thought i would post this for anyone keen for AMAZING Pesto!!! Which of course tastes even better when its picked fresh that day from your own patch. I have used my Thermomix but a food processor will do the job just fine!! And im not too serious about the quantities.. use what you have, mix it up a bit..

We slather this all over fresh pasta frequently as it is abundant with an extra slug of EVOO, a pinch of good salt… and of course some fresh milled parmesan!! Now that just might be the perfect family dinner..


40 g fresh parmesan cubed

5 cloves garlic

150g pinenuts

200-250g basil leaves ( this is alot )

1/2 bunch english spinach

120g olive oil

put parmesan and garlic into Tm bowl grate 15 secs speed 8

add pine nuts grind 5 secs speed 7

put in basil & spinach and process on speed 6 until smooth using spatula to keep it moving. Once smooth turn to speed 4 and add olive oil into the mix in a slow stream through the lid until well combined.

TIPS… sometimes i use rocket or parsley to bulk it up if i havn’t got enough basil etc.. i have also used cashews and almonds instead of pinenuts. The almonds leave it a little chunkier!!

It will last about 3-4 weeks in an airtight container. If you want it to last longer you will need to add salt to the mix so it acts as a preservative xx


Queen Bee x

The Harvest

as fresh as it gets

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Just felt compelled to share our recent harvest.. What a joy to grow and learn about our little garden.. and now we are picking and eating all this lovely produce..
We have our very own little co-op happening right here at home and with our special neighbours… always swapping and sharing with each other.
It all sound very grown up and responsible doesn’t it!!!

Queen Bee x

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And so it begins

It’s a very special time for this little family.. Our magnificent fish has begun his journey into this very big and strange world as a big person in his own right .. As a very special friend said to me.. He knows it is the right time..
So go forth our bright little spark and make a mark for yourself.
We love you and could not be any more proud.. X the peach and the bull.



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