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Top 5’s again!!

I’ve been thinking about a few more top 5’s.. This is my top 5 ingredients that i can’t live without !!

1. Apple Balsamic
2. Truffle Oil
3. Parsley
4. Maldon Sea Salt
5. Currants

I can’t even say what I would do without these amazing little spikes of heaven.. So integral to our way of eating and are seen more as core ingredient than an addition.. My kitchen cupboards will always be blessed by their presence…



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1 week …… 7 days… so whos with me??

I think goal setting has got to be my new thing, so here goes….

Im thinking each day, for seven days a new challenge.. ??  Its only a week right?

Do your best for each day and stay true.. each 24hrs the challenge resets a new goal..

Heres how the week will run..

Day 1…..   drink 3 litres of water.

Day 2….   go to bed 1 hour earlier than your normal sleep time.

Day 3….   focus on breathing. Take at least 3 x 10 min sessions where you sit and do nothing but focus on your breathing. Take longer if you can.

Day 4….   dairy free, wheat free, sugar free day.. Fill your smile full of colourful fresh vegetables, fruit and lean protein ( fish, chicken or eggs).

Day 5….   caffeine free day.. drink loads of water and start your day with a fresh juice..    Lemon , parsley and mint is a good one!

Day 6….  learn 3 new yoga stretches.. and practice them when you can throughout the day… try youtube “tarastiles” ,over 300 short yoga tutorials to get you                                            inspired.

Day 7….  Pick 3 of the above and make your last day count!!! Will look forward to hearing which 3 you all choose.


Start whenever you like.. choose a day to start that will help you to succeed for the week! And leave me some comments along the way.

Good Luck..

and thanks for having some fun with me..

x Queenbee


one of my morning juice ups...







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Just felt compelled to share our recent harvest.. What a joy to grow and learn about our little garden.. and now we are picking and eating all this lovely produce..
We have our very own little co-op happening right here at home and with our special neighbours… always swapping and sharing with each other.
It all sound very grown up and responsible doesn’t it!!!

Queen Bee x

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A most special day…..

I recently had the greatest pleasure of being a part of my beautiful friends wedding day. It is rare to find a love as grand as this one..Please enjoy these pictures that i was lucky to take and share with you.. To you both, the biggest of big love x b

Mrs G.... you are a timeless beauty..


about to make the deal of a lifetime...


A magical day in so many ways… Thank you my friends.

x Qb

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Rail Art Round 2..

I just cant get enough of photographing metal at the old Pemberton Railway..
And it seems some other materials are now catching my eye..

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Amongst the living…

Number 2…from my top 5 places to find great food & coffee is…..

Samudra, Dunsborough W.A

This haven for all things life and love has me completely captivated. The magical marriage of Yoga, Surfing and Raw/Live Superfood Cafe is something rarely seen and so well done. With the focus on living, loving, smiling, sharing and treating your body as a temple, Samudra is the only addiction i am happy to have.. 

Summer saw endless amounts of bronzed chatting friends & families, cross-legged on daybeds under the trees… drinking fresh squeezed juices, smoothies and eating lashings of leafy green salads… Our last 2 visits have been cosied  up inside by the fire in spacious nooks over  long hot coffees, grilled bananas with pancakes and mushroom burgers the size of your head!! 

breakfast anyone?

People are happily drifting from their yoga sessions and filling themselves on warm chia or casual conversations with close friends. Everywhere you look you are reminded to love one another, treat your body in kind and find some inner peace.. I immediately have the feeling that i am exactly where i would like to be. 

A special treat is to walk through the Organic Vegie Garden. Never before have i seen so many happy plants, all reaching for the sun.                  Everytime I leave this place I am truly inspired to lead a more conscious life.

A very special little person in my life loves this place too!!

Autumn also saw a new menu… an absolute must for lunch is the quinoa tabouleh.. the perfect winter salad jewelled with crimson pomegranate.

Melina del Mar

So next time you need to nourish your soul, this is my pick of them all..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      exhibiting now @ Samudra                                                                                                                                                  

Enjoy x 

Queen Bee



feel the love



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Famous 5..

In my last post i mentioned my famous 5. This was a concept that was explained to me by my Dad many years ago. It was in reference to friends and the belief is that in life you only need or have 5 close friends.You can always count them on one hand and its just as simple as that. People will come and go but this famous 5 will always be a constant.

I started to realise that this top 5 idea can apply to most things.. So i thought i would write a few posts about some top 5’s in my life. Also with the thought of getting some valuable comments about some top 5’s in your life.
Im going to start off by posting about my top 5 favourite places to source the most divine food and coffee.. All very near & dear to me..

NUMBER 1..The Fruity Cow.. Cowaramup

The newly opened doors of this organic heaven have shed a new light on pristine local oraninc produce in the region. The minute you walk in the door you are met by vibrant colour and woven baskets a plenty with fresh fruit and vegetables, all grown by the passionate owners and picked that morning or sourced from local growers. Other treats you will find at the Fruity cow are local honey, milk, relishes, jams and chutneys. On my last visit i was seduced by shiny handmade macaroons of every colour to which i was powerless and i can assure you that these little suckers are hard to find.. cos i have searched … and i dont give in easy! I love walking away with armfuls of firm fresh produce and lots of little new surprises that i find each time i visit.. Its a must if you love food that loves you back..
Oh and you might see one very adorable chocolate puppy dog at the front door..
For Aunty Joo..

X Queen Bee


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